I'm Michael Thomas, a passionate games programmer. 

Got a cool project? Send me a message at michaeljthomas97@yahoo.com


I’m a games programmer currently working with Future Tech Labs on a new and upcoming application Multiverse. I also work with clients outside of work to help them build their desired application. I’m currently enrolled with the University of Gloucestershire on course for a First-class Honours in Computer Games Programming.


As a game programmer, I take a lot of pride and joy in being able to work on something I have dear to my heart, games. Working with Future Tech Labs has widened my knowledge, challenged me, and helped me meet industry professionals who have given me amazing insight into the industry and my future. 


When I’m not working hard I’m probably working on a personal project, taking part in game jams, hitting the gym or playing games.



C, C++, C#, Python


Unity, Unreal, OpenGL, FMOD, ImGUI,

Photon, Github, BitBucket, TortoiseSVN, Perforce, Visual Studio, Trello, Scrum, Jira, YouTrack, TeamCity




Build/Tools Engineer

My Projects

Blast off

​Blast Off is an endless runner with obstacles coming down the screen, once you get hit you lose a life. These obstacles become more complicated and faster with time. 

Since this was a mobile game I tried creating smooth and fluid game-play and a tiny file. I achieved this through using a single scene, procedural generation, stacked menus, object pooling and a custom shader designed at changing sprites colours on the fly. 

All of this was done during my free time on and off during the year. Looking back at my code now I can see where I could improve it and what I would do in the future. I really enjoyed making this game and will continue to make mobile games, learning with each new one I create.

The graphical assets were created by my team partner Iby who joined me for the last month of development by replacing all the placeholder art.



This is one of my favourite projects I have worked on, I am proud with the end product but I can see now that I could of optimised it in some ways and add other cool things like a map design tool with the skills I have learnt since.


I had created this with the original ghost personalities to try and replicate the original game. This worked, however because I used a different path finding system the ghosts would path differently giving the player a new experience.

  • A* Pathfinding

  • Persistent Highscores

  • Customizable Map

  • Original Ghost Personalities

Grade: A - 82%



Shoutout is a Unity3D VR game where you are put into an arena to shout the names of the enemies coming towards you and shooting them with that word. Voice recogination software is used to achieve this. Created for a University project - Experimental Games. We worked in a team of 8. This project was also showcased at ComX.

My role was procedural programmer but I also implemented a highscore system and implemented audio features such as enemy noises and ambience, also voice acting for the announcer.

  • Ibrahim "Iby" Nouri, Lead Artist and character designer

  • Joe Dodds, environment artist and sound designer

  • James Gratrix, VFX Programmer, jamesgratrix.strikingly.com

  • Peter Phillips, Project Lead and Gameplay Programmer

Grade: A - 75%